Is faith and forgiveness enough to make a family of four survive and thrive? 

After Sarah’s horrific ordeal with Amanda, all she wanted was to be in Tom’s arms forever. But her road to rehabilitation is a difficult one, both physically and mentally. She pushes herself hard to return to the Sweetwater Canyon band, to be a good mother to the Davidson boys, and to maintain her faith.

When it looks like the wedding is off, Connor and Grady put together a plan to get the family they’ve always wanted. A Thanksgiving Day wedding, with all of Broken Bow in attendance is in jeopardy. Can the boys get the bride to show up?

Ebook $2.99, Print $9.99, Audiobook $6.75

“This book was wonderfully written, you will fall in love with the characters, and you won’t want to stop reading until you see how it all ends! Even though this is a continuation of Tom and Sarah’s story from a previous book in this series, you can read it as a standalone and not be left wondering what you missed.” — Avid Reader, Amazon Customer

“I love this series and have been waiting for this book and it did not disappoint! The continuation of Sarah and Tom’s story is gripping from the start, this story picks up after Sarah’s ordeal with Amanda. Sarah is tested with her recovery and questions her faith.” — L’Norah, Amazon Customer

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