Alex Ivanovich, on the cusp of taking over his family’s marine salvage business, doesn’t have time for romance. His parents are fleeing the chilly shores of the Puget Sound for Florida and leaving him in charge. He’s barely even had time to plan their going away slash Christmas party, and he fears he’s going to let everyone down at all of it. So when a beautiful redheaded woman and her friend barge onto his new sailboat one night, begging to use the head, his first instinct is to tell them no. No more demands, no more entanglements, no more trouble.

His yes, however, ends up leading to a much nicer evening than expected and the phone number of Taylor Beckwith, the redhead. The phone number leads to coffee, the coffee leads to a dinner date, and soon Alex finds himself juggling his growing attraction to Taylor, the unexpected challenges of the holiday party, and the year-end needs of the salvage business. Will a ship-shape, put-together, feisty professional woman like Taylor even be interested in more from a sailor boy with way too many irons in the fire? He might need a Christmas miracle, and he might just need the courage to believe in himself.

Ebook $2.99
Print Book Coming in 2022

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