Book 1 of the Stoneybrook Mystery Series

A serial killer returns.
A fire burns closer.

A romance heats up.

After Harley Harper is stood up on her wedding day in Manhattan, she points her car west in search of a silver lining. Landing in Stoneybrook, Oregon, she buys the Redneck Ranch, where she finds comfort among her menagerie of misfit animals. Harley tries to settle into her new normal. But a dead body in her dilapidated barn, a fire threatening her ranch, and the arrival of her ex-betrothed, keep her life in upheaval. And Stone County’s handsome sheriff has her feeling anything but normal.

Wyatt Stone, along with his autistic cousin, Deputy Derrick Stone, have not had any major crime in Stoneybrook for six years. When a body is left in the Redneck Ranch’s old barn with a message carved into the victim’s torso, they believe a serial killer has returned. The investigation is complicated by a wildfire threatening Stone County. But Wyatt’s distractions run deeper than an unsolved murder, fast moving fire, and a lost girl. The new owner of the Redneck Ranch is proving to be a pain in his ass, and he can’t stop thinking about her.

Ebook $5.00, Print Book $15.00

“A compelling small-town mystery book. I sincerely enjoyed Redneck Ranch particularly Derrick’s intelligence in garnering clues that are keys to solving the crime. I like how the mystery is built that paves a way to a compelling story. The family dynamic is spot-on. The details made me visualize the locations vividly. My favorite part is the fundraising party at the barn with a local country band playing. The ending got me choked up. Hands down, one of the best books!!!♥” –GMG, Amazon customer.

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Cover for Redneck Ranch by Kimila Kay. Features a rustic, broken-down barn against the sunset.

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