Book 3 of the Mexico Mayhem Series

A missing sister.
A daunting task.
A long lost love.

Jade Mendoza’s sister, Ezmé, has gone missing in Puerto Vallarta, México, and Jade hits the ground running. But the hunt for her sister is complicated by a bull-headed lieutenant and a stubborn Federale.  When each man reignites a long dormant flame of desire, she’s surprised, then frustrated. And, against her better judgement, Jade accepts assistance from an unexpected source.

Agente Eladio Ortiz requests DEA Agent Mendoza be allowed to join his task force. It’s the right decision but working closely with the beautiful agent is proving to be a distraction. Their search for Ezmé reveals the criminal they’re hunting may have changed his stripes.

The love of his life is abducted, and Raptor finds himself working for a human trafficker. After years of self-loathing, he kills his evil boss and becomes Patrón. When he meets a beautiful young woman, Raptor wants to start over. But his quest may prove to be his undoing.

Ebook $4.00, Print Book $12.00

Reviews coming soon

Reviews coming soon

Cover for Vanished in Vllata by Kimila Kay. Depicts a sailing ship on the sea.

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