Kate Cody

In order to write painful truths about her past, and to shield certain friends and family members, Kate Cody decided to remain anonymous. Her memoir focuses on her years as a child, teen , and young adult. Now married with  children and grandchildren of her own, she is not only a survivor but is thriving.

Kate began her childhood in Appalachia, but she spent the largest part of her life in Oregon. Kate didn’t graduate High School; but she did get her GED without any problem. She started college as a journalism major but became disillusioned with that career path very quickly. She’s worked a number of jobs, finally finding one that allowed her to make a career of using her talents in writing, analyzing, and troubleshooting.

Kate’s reason for writing this book is to give some context to the lives many people growing up in poverty face. The choices one makes early in life do not have to define you forever. To change your situation takes courage to reach out for help, accept help from those who offer it, and make different decisions in how you approach being in the world.

cover for A Girl Called Mouse by Kate Cody, features pensive young woman looking down with a small backpack walking alone and mountains and clouds in the background

A Girl Called Mouse