A story of abuse, addiction, and survival.

The deeply honest story of Kate Cody and her journey through abuse, addiction, and attempts at suicide. Each chapter contains a meeting and experiences with someone who will impact her life and choices. Will the people she meets heal her pain, or only add to her scars?

Traumatic. Sensual. Painful. A story that breaks your heart and then heals your soul.” – Corky Alexander, Simon Says Book Reviews

$4.99 ebook, $12.99 print


An invitation to view the life of a girl as if through a magnifying glass. Unsettling yet wonderful.” — Adam Copeland, Author the Tales of Avalon Series

“A Girl Called Mouse is sweeping in its honesty. A soul exposed.” — R. Roderick Rowe, Author of Manhood Rites Series

cover for A Girl Called Mouse by Kate Cody, features pensive young woman looking down with a small backpack walking alone and mountains and clouds in the background