Karen I. Westphalen

Karen’s journey into writing memoir began when her best friend, Don McCall, was faced with a terminal cancer diagnosis. He wanted to share his experience for posterity with the hope that, by being honest about the process, it would help both future patients and family members or friends facing that final journey. She recorded 171 days of Don’s thoughts until he could no longer speak. Then spent several years transcribing those recordings and structuring them in a way that would make sense for others to read while offering some inspiration along the way.

The result is an insightful book about one man’s journey from diagnosis to death. She records how his faith helped him remain positive, as well as how he was able to process both the difficulties and the blessings offered each day.

With no current plans to write another book, Karen remains in her primary occupation of online training manager at a construction company. With degrees in music and civil engineering and a certificate in eLearning design, her career background could be summed up by the old saying, “Not all who wander are lost.”

Karen I. Westphalen headshot
cover for My Journey Home. Reporting on tohe final days of my cancer battle by Don McCall as told to Karen I. Westphalen

My Journey Home