What’s it like to face death?
In March 2013, my closest friend, Don McCall, found out that the cancer for which he’d received extensive treatment had returned and he had months left to live. I was in my mid-forties, living in Portland, Oregon, and still sorting out “what I wanted to be when I grew up.” Don and I decided to record an audio conversation every day for as long as he was able to speak with me. We made 171 recordings before his life ended close to six months later. This book is a result of those daily conversations.

How do I tell loved ones that I’m dying?
In this book, Don speaks of how people reacted to his news that he was dying and how he felt about sharing that news.

What do I say to someone who’s dying?
It can be so uncomfortable. Should I be sad or act like things are still the same? Is it okay to laugh about death? With honesty, sincerity, and humor, Don recalls a variety of interactions with others and describes how their reactions affected him. Through our recordings and this book, I hope Don can provide insight into how to show loving compassion to a beloved family member or friend on their final journey.

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cover for My Journey Home. Reporting on tohe final days of my cancer battle by Don McCall as told to Karen I. Westphalen

“This published recording gives you an easier time of understanding the challenges of friendships, illness, and impending loss. Reading about emotionally heavy situations becomes personal, and you get to know Don and feel that you have known him well. The best part is that the subject never lost his sense of humor as he went through his personal battle. He provided enough room for light moments that to him were a form of healing.

Karen I. Westphalen writes with an appropriate degree of sentimentality without being cloying, allowing Don’s story to flow like a peaceful river. My Journey Home is a cerebral experience as you participate in the feeling of grief that everyone experiences. It also provides you with a creative idea on how to keep your loved ones alive long after they are gone.” Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite Reviews

“A poignant day by day account of the end of one man’s journey here on earth told from his own perspective. If you are walking along side someone who has been given a terminal diagnosis, Don’s reflections offer a window of clarity about what matters and what may create a greater burden. What a gift his life and final reflections have left behind for others. Thank you for telling this story, Karen.”Dana Barbarick, Amazon Customer