Your Baby Is Safe: an Illustrated Book For Anybody Who Has Loved and Lost a Little One

If you yearn to hold your baby…
If your love still burns…
If your heart is broken…
Or if you want to comfort someone walking this road…

This book is for you. “Your Baby Is Safe” was written for anybody who has loved and lost a little one at any age.

Author, Melissa Yuan-Innes, wrote almost half a million words while struggling with her own loss, but distilled them to just these 400 words of love.

D. Antonia Truesdale’s sculptures captured and transfigured the pain and devotion beyond words. Melissa and D. Antonia humbly present their combined work in hopes that other people’s grieving hearts will find some ease.

Ebook $6.99, Print $24.99

Your Baby is Safe by Melissa Yuan-Innes
This helped me through my loss years ago, and every year it helps me get through the anniversary.
LillianaAmazon Customer
No one knows what to say when someone loses their baby. A couple people have asked me how to offer support to moms who've lost their babies. I point them to this book, because it's a beautiful, tangible reminder.
LeilaniAmazon Customer