Book 1 of The Popcorn Adventures

Only boys can tell fortunes. Actually, only one boy in a thousand. Until Julia Sharpe starts a fortunetelling revolution in the wild and wacky year of 1985.

Up ’til now, the only girls who told fortunes were lying, crazy, or both.

But Julia has to do something before her family’s fortunetelling company tanks. Her brother Alistair says computers will rule the future. And more and people rebel against fortunetelling. They say, why should a few Gifted guys read the future and make everyone else pay for it?

Julia secretly applies for a fortunetelling correspondence course. Over the mail, no one can tell she’s a girl. With the help of her tutor, she discovers she can read the future in a bowl of popcorn kernels. That’s right, popcorn. It’s like reading tea leaves, only she reads popcorn kernels. Weird but wonderful.

If she can do it, girls can read the future too! Maybe more boys, too, if they just got the right training. Now people won’t hate them so much.

With her popcorn Gift, Julia’s going to save the company—and the rest of world!


Ebook $4.99

“”Love this middle-grade story of a young girl in a world where only boys tell fortunes. She has a gift for it too, but not in the usual way. Great underlying message of how being different can be wonderful and to always trust yourself and move forward even when the world around you doesn’t seem to understand.” –maggiemae, Amazon Customer”

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