The Dushane Sisters Book 1

Take a wild ride with three middle-aged sisters whose good intentions will test the thickness of sibling blood . . .

Portland, Oregon’s own best-selling romance author, Olivia Novak, should have been entering life’s third act with a sparkling clean storybook Tudor, a serious book under her belt, and a real-life romance with her husband of thirty-two years. Instead, her husband was killed in a hit-and-run the police have shelved, and she’s too worn out from her own obsessive three-year hunt for the culprit to write. Now, her mother has died.

As the executrix of the estate, which doesn’t amount to much, Olivia prefers managing the paperwork to keeping a lid on the combustible brew that is her two sisters, Lauren and Danielle. At sixty, Lauren is Mom’s mouthy memory defender as she waits for the daily chime of wine o’clock. Danielle, the pampered baby of the family at forty-five, suddenly has nowhere to go, having lived with Mom since walking out on her fiancé, Ryan, a Portland cop. Olivia thinks the final straw is her elderly neighbor, R. D. Griffin, asking her to dog-sit Pogo, his unruly standard poodle. But she’s wrong.

When R. D. goes missing, the three sisters and Pogo stick their noses into the case . . . and the dog senses something fishy. Can Pogo unite the sisters, help Ryan solve both cases, and inspire Olivia to deliver her next book? Olivia needs a lifeline from Mom from beyond the crematory urn, and she finds one in the safe―in the form of an old manuscript. Olivia’s in for the story of her life―but it’s beyond anything she could write on her own.

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The Executrix by Courtney Pierce
The story sucked me in and kept me hostage until finished. Courtney Pierce is an awesome story teller - she must be writing from real life because the book is so believable and relatable. Three sisters who finally bond in their mid-life years tell an intriguing, interesting story that's woven with unexpected twists and turns - laugh out loud stuff. A sneak-away read with a buried love story, Pogo the dog and finally RG the mobster. I highly recommend The Executrix for someone who needs an uplifting happy read that will take make you laugh alone, and uplift. This blew me away.
Susan GoldenAmazon Customer
Ms. Pierce infused this book with twists and turns, mystery, and family dynamics in which the framework could represent any family in America. She expertly revealed the relationship issues between parent and their children and siblings; favoritism, jealousy, insecurity, envy, and not least of all, commitment and love. I felt right at home reading this book as I could identify with each sister's perception of their life, their mother's love and their place in that relationship and their relationship with each other. I loved the humor in this story, it was a feel good read.
Vera's Book ReviewsAmazon Customer

The Dushane Sisters

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