Brock Hughes is a man juggling a mortgaged ranch, a preteen daughter, and a toddler.  He’s lost two wives, one to a tragic accident and the other to the bright lights of the city.  That’s the trouble with women.  Sooner or later, by design or by fate, they leave a man high and dry.  He doesn’t want another one for his family–especially in the form of a beautiful nanny he didn’t hire.

Carina Valencia arrives on Brock’s doorstep determined to pull her life back together.  As far as she’s concerned, it doesn’t matter who hired her.  These children are clearly in need of a woman’s touch and she’ll not let another child down.

Ebook $2.99, Print $11.99

“A Very, Very, Entertaining Story! Once You Start, You Will Not Stop.

When I saw the cover of this book I thought it would be one of the western novels, you know, cowboys and Indians and stuff. Well, it was a western of sorts, western Oregon. I started to read it and on the first or second page a young lady pulls up in her sports car? Complaining that her cell phone cannot pick up a signal in that area? Well, there go the cowboys and Indians. I was a bit disappointed but since I bought it I felt I may as well read a little farther and see how it is. Read it I did………….. all the way to the end. It turned out to be a fantastic story that has you rooting for the two main characters. Speaking of them, He is big husky good looking guy, and she is a tiny little gal that is a bit scrappy. In short, “Perfectly Good Nanny” is a very enjoyable read. So much so just stop reading reviews and buy it! You will be glad you did!” — Wes Benson, Amazon Customer

“Loved this book from the first sentence. It’s a gentle, loving story and depicts the hard life on a ranch and tells the story of a city slicker who comes to love the land, the man and his two children. What’s not to love? A wonderful read!” — KeFeuerstein, Amazon Customer

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