Max had a hat. Its name was Fred.
It liked to sit upon his head.

Max loved Fred. Fred loved Max
’Til bullies came and changed all that…

When Max was born, his fairy godmother, or someone, sent a magic hat in the mail. Every night, “Fred” the hat grows along with Max and changes into a new style. But when Fred transforms into a stinky fur hat, the bullies at school snatch Fred away. How can Max defeat the bullies and save Fred—the old-fashioned, magic-free way?

Award-winning author Melissa Yuan teams with beloved artist Vicki Fawcett to create a heart-warming picture book about a boy who takes on the bullies—and wins!

Max’s Magic Hat: a book to inspire kids aged 3 to 8, or 2 to 102. Because you’re never too young to figure out what you love, or too old to get yourself out of trouble.

Winner of the Best Children’s Literature award, sponsored by the Cornwall Public Library and the Cornwall and Region Writer’s Society.

Ebook $3.99, Print $15.99

Max's Magic Hat by Melissa Yuan