Living 800 years is like the fountain of youth for some…and for others it’s worse than a death sentence.

Eternity, Inc. owns a virus that allows humans to live up to 800 years–their physical bodies age only one year for every ten years of life. Miki Yokoyama leads a rebel organization known as the Agers. Her goal is to create a counter agent to reintroduce “natural” death, no matter the cost. When Eternity learns of the Ager plan, they send their best agents to infiltrate Miki’s organization and to sabotage any efforts to distribute a counter-virus.

Rohin Chawla and Miki were science partners and passionate lovers when they originally discovered the Eternity virus in Antarctica two hundred years ago. But they separated as enemies. When they meet again, Rohin realizes he must rally his resources to stop the Ager virus or risk the only viable future he sees.

But no one can foresee the extent human treachery will go when there are astronomical profits and world-wide political power at stake. Will Rohin and Miki combine forces against a greater evil, or fight each other over prolonged life or natural death? Their decision will determine who survives—and, ultimately, the outcome of humanity’s future.

NOTE: This is the 2nd Edition of the novel previously titled Eternity

Ebook $4.99, Print $12.99

“The characters are interesting, the romance and adventure well done. Also well done is the politics of it all, including requisite spying, back-stabbing and double-dealing.” — Amazon Customer

“The world-buildling was really good, both horrifying things and amazing technology things.” — Evie Bohn, GoodReads

cover for Eternity: Virus Wars by Maggie Lynch

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