Most back pain books are boring. Life is short. Read this one instead.

Back pain bites. It affects almost every adult in industrialized countries.
Emergency physician and Medical Post columnist Dr. Melissa Yuan-Innes delivers a fast-paced book, based on the most recent scientific research, on traditional and
integrative ways to heal low back pain and prevent it from biting you again.

An emergency doctor’s fast, fun tips on causes and cures for low back pain.

“So much great information. Dr. Yuan-Innes’s optimism, kindness, and encouragement really shine through. This book will help a lot of people.” John Beuerle, M.D., Assistant Medical Director, Department of Emergency Medicine, Regional Medical Center of San Jose

Ebook $5.99, Print $13.99

The Emergency Doctor's Pain-Free Back by Melissa Yuan-Innes, M.D.