Susie Slanina

Susie Slanina lives in Vancouver, Washington with her current crew of four shelter dogs:  Tawny (17), Fuzzy, Shweetie, and Bojoe.  She also has four cats:  Bunny, Peacey, Smokey and Snowball.  She shares the fun of being surrounded by pets with her friend Alan.

Her interests include writing about Metro and Metro’s friends, reading, nature, yoga, Dakota Dog Park, book clubs, and exploring the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest.

Susie Slanina, author
Gifts from the Heart Anthology

Gifts From The Heart

Metro Comes Home by Susie Slanina

Metro Comes Home

Metro Goes to Hollywood by Susie Slanina

Metro Goes to Hollywood

Metro Goes Stargazing by Susie Slanina

Metro Goes Stargazing

Metro Duets by Susie Slanina

Metro Duets

The Gift of Christmas Anthology

The Gift of Christmas