Sweetwater Canyon Book 6 – Theresa’s Story

Illness is a private matter…but recovery is a family affair

When Theresa is diagnosed with breast cancer it impacts everyone in the band, but especially Kat. Through surgery and chemo, Kat is by her mother’s side and puts off going to college and moving forward with her life.

Rachel’s widowed father, Gavin Cullen, is temporarily living at their home after his own home in Scotland is burned to the ground. In the first few months he falls hard for Theresa. But Theresa long ago decided never to remarry. Divorced for fourteen years, she has raised Kat alone and managed a career.

Though Gavin is charming, and handsome, and very hard to ignore …  she is no longer the woman she used to be in mind, body, or spirit

Ebook $4.99, Print $14.99

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