Short Story (20 pages + Sneak Peak chapter of ETERNITY novel)

Carrie James never fit in on Earth. After killing her abusive husband, she is sentenced to spend the rest of her life in the research of the Plutonian moon, Charon.

Isolation is always challenging, but 3 billion miles from Earth is more than a life sentence–it’s death to everything she knows. But the payment must be made, not only by Carrie but also by Earth.

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The Payment by Maggie Jaimeson
[cl-review quote=”A scary extension of the penal system along with a great character story of survival and even thriving in isolation.” author=”Kathy G” occupation=”” type=”quote” layout=”clean”][cl-review quote=”Deliciously weird. I read this in the Moonscapes Anthology of Fiction River. As an introvert I completely identified with this character. Well-written and drew me right in.” author=”John S” occupation=”” type=”quote” layout=”clean”]