Book 1 of Yetzirah: The Pocket Worlds Epic Fantasy 

On her return from Yetzirah, the magical world she and her twin Elena visited as children, Elise discovers a butterfly has come back with her. But this is no ordinary butterfly. Crafted of silver wire and sapphires by one of the pocket wizards it should not have been able to cross the barrier, and it should not have been able to fly without magic, yet it has done both of these things.

This event, and others which follow, lead Elise and her friends to believe that the barrier between worlds is weakening. If it falls it will mean the end of both worlds. To reach the only one who can fix it Elise needs her sister, but will Elena help save a world in which she no longer believes?

Yetzirah is a world where wizards control pockets of reality, where anything you want is possible and magic takes the place of physics. But what happens to the magic of Yetzirah when the rules of our world begin to intrude?

Ebook $2.99, Print $14.95

The Butterfly by Pam Bainbridge-Cowan
This is a highly imaginative story that lovers of fantasy will enjoy. The fact that its main characters are adults is another plus, as it lends itself to both adult readers and YA readers alike.
A Book Vacation
Reading the Butterfly is like stepping through the looking glass with Alice or landing in Oz with Dorothy... on acid.
Mike Chinakosauthor of Dead Town

Yetzirah: The Pocket Worlds

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