A Sweet & Dirty BBW Romance Book 6

Featuring T-Bear & Manda

A big, bearded, ginger biker hires a pretty BBW strawberry blonde for the night, only to learn she has no idea he paid for her charms.

If he wants more, he’ll have to rescue her from some very bad dudes. But even harder may be convincing her to believe in his big heart.

John ‘T-Bear’ Turner is living the life he loves. He’s a brother in the Devil’s Flyers MC, an ace auto-mechanic, and the life of the party. The only thing missing is a woman to call his own. Now he’s found her, but can he persuade her that he’s the man she can trust with her life, and her heart?

Manda Kowitsky is in over her head. Abandoned by her ex in a dangerous situation, her only way out is with the biker who rescues her. But life has taught her that sooner or later, all men betray her. Can she trust T-Bear, or is he just the latest in a string of bad choices?

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cover Take the Honey and Run by Cathryn Cade
Manda and T-Bear are perfect together. He saved her. She saved him. They both have a lot of baggage including learning disabilities, crappy exes, trust issues, and more. But they are better together--if only they can get past their issues.

Ms. Cade is masterful at creating authentic dialogue to fit the characters. She has, with her digital pen, crafted an interesting, fun story about some intriguingly flawed characters. It's entertaining. It's fun. And you'll really enjoy it.

Colorado Avid ReaderAmazon
T-Bear and Manda totally blew me away! I’ve loved every book in the Devil’s Flyers MC series— they are auto-buys for me because of their refreshingly different take on the usually dark and violent MC story. And while T-Bear has made appearances in all of them, he’s never come across as the hot alpha type. But holy moly, he’s a keeper! He’s got a heart as big as his six-foot plus, muscled body, and when he and Manda get together … the chemistry burns up the pages!

Cathryn Cade has outdone herself with this one. Hilarious dialogue, sizzling sex, compelling characters, and an exciting story makes Take the Honey and Run another five star read for me.

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