A short story – Women’s Fiction

For every woman who found passion but not love…how did you find your way back to yourself? To life?

Sometimes a man walks into your life and, with a single look or the touch of his hand, you are towed out to sea. In this story, Sheila meets such a man–a man with the ability to engage every fantasy and passion, a man who moves so fast and so powerfully that the whitewater journey challenges her at every turn. Will she spin forever in his whirlpool desert or will she choose a different river that sustains life?

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Shifting Waters by Maggie Jaimeson
[cl-review quote=”Shifting Waters is a short read, and while Bourne is a tad cliched, the writing is pure Jaimeson! Skilled and confident, this women’s fiction novella has depth.” author=”Lyndack” occupation=”” type=”quote” layout=”clean”][cl-review quote=”This is the most literary story Jaimeson has written. I love her writing style and the issues she brings up. Once I got over the fact this is not a romance, I really appreciated this take on different needs between women and men.” author=”Arlene K” occupation=”” type=”quote” layout=”clean”]