She still wants a chance to get in the game …

Emma Delaney has always loved Sam Parker. Her childhood friend turned baseball superstar, to her Sam will always mean laughter and passion. In his arms, she dreamed of white picket fences and happily-ever-afters, until the day he abandoned her for baseball, proving what she’s always known—she’s out of his league.

This is his last chance at bat …

Sam lived and breathed baseball for nine years, trying to forget his guilt over his brother’s death and avoid the father he disappointed. But now his baseball career is over, and Sam returns home to face his past, including the woman he abandoned for the game—Emma. Reunion or heartbreak? Only time will tell . . .

Batter up and the bases are loaded … will they hit a home run this time?

Ebook $3.99, Print $9.99

She's Out of His League by Kathy Coatney
She's Out of His League is a wonderful read! The emotions bubbling to the surface in the main characters are so tender, you can't help but root for them...A delightfully heartwarming story of Love, Baseball, and Happy Endings. On a cold, wintery evening--or anytime for that matter(!)--what more could this reader want?
WundergramAmazon Customer
A baseball hero loses what's most important to him--his career--and comes home with his adopted son to find true love. Beautiful book, well written, love the characters and the town. Highly recommend!
Debbie PAmazon Customer

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