Frustrated with the plethora of conflicting information on how to self-publish? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to sit down with someone who has already made the mistakes, done the analysis, and will provide you the short cuts—the secrets about the things that work? Now you have that chance with the Career Author Secrets series. Indie Publishing (Self Publishing) has changed dramatically in the past five years. There are now new, easier tools to use for every part of the process—editing, formatting, distribution, sales, and analysis. This boxset contains three books.

Secrets Every Author Should Know: Publishing Basics

It contains everything a DIY author needs to get her book from manuscript to professional publication in both ebook and print, including:

  • Why books don’t sell
  • Options for DIY or contracting professionals
  • The truth about ISBNs & Copyright Registration
  • Secrets for formatting your book the easy way
  • Creating book covers that sell
  • Making decisions about distribution

Secrets to Pricing and Distribution: Ebook, Print and Direct Sales

Once you have a finished book, you need to get it into readers’ hands. Loading your book to a vendor looks deceivingly easy. However, the career author knows that each vendor has its own methods for promoting books, performing searches, and identifying ready buyers. You need to take advantage of these differences in order to maximize your profits and discoverability.

Capitalize on competitive retail pricing in different markets, and use effective metadata to draw more readers to your books. Learn to:

  • Write compelling book blurbs for each title that focus on “reader cookies” and marketing.
  • Unlock keywords and get access to hidden category options.
  • Take advantage of search algorithm nuances at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple.
  • Use aggregators to increase distribution opportunities around the world.
  • Evaluate opportunities for direct sales to bookstores and individual consumers.

Secrets to Effective Author Marketing: It’s More Than ‘Buy My Book’

This book provides specific techniques to exploit the value of your books without resorting to the typical overexposure in social media and newsletters with “Buy My Book” sales messaging. Instead, focus on the top three proven techniques that actually sell books. Follow step-by-step instructions and timelines to learn how to: 1) Create an Effective Plan for Communicating to Readers; 2) Use Social Media and Email lists to Engage with Your Readers; and 3) Plan for Effective Campaigns for both Book Launches and Backlist Rejuvenation throughout the year.

In addition this book provides techniques to:

  • Distinguish specific groups of readers most likely to buy your novel or nonfiction book.
  • Understand your competition and the advantages that your book offers.
  • Clarify hooks that capture attention of the media, reviewers, and readers.
  • Identify where and how to reach readers, reviewers, and media.
  • Create and implement a consistent brand throughout all marketing efforts.
  • Effectively select, from 100+ options, the appropriate marketing tactics and timing that matches your book intentions and values.
  • Maximize organic reach and stay to a budget of less than $100 per book campaign.
  • Develop a long-term online marketing plan.

Ebook $9.99

Secrets to Becoming a Successful Author: 3 Book Set by Maggie Lynch
[cl-review quote=”This brand new book is packed with current information, well written, conversational, and best of all, not intimidating–just what any aspiring author needs. The publishing world is confusing, ever evolving, and the author keeps up to date with the changes and shares information in an easy-to-understand manner. If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, or have written a book, and don’t know what to do next, this is the perfect book for you. Seasoned authors will also find useful information here.” author=”Susie Slanina” occupation=”Author of the Metro the Little Dog Children’s Book series” type=”quote” layout=”clean” quote_size=”12px” author_size=”12px” italic=”1″][cl-review quote=”When Maggie Lynch says she has some secrets for fellow writers, she means it. This big book breaks down marketing into the most effective methods used by successful authors. The major key is identifying your readers, the ones who like what you write and will come back to buy more than one book. I’ve read Maggie Lynch’s other books on do-it-yourself publishing and I’ve taken online classes and workshops from her. I always learn tons of information I didn’t know. She has a knack for breaking down a subject and giving you the basics. Maggie is one of those born teachers who believes in giving you value for your money. I’m looking forward to book four in this amazing series of books on the secrets of self-publishing. I’m getting ready to launch my own online publishing career and I will be following Maggie’s instructions closely.” author=”B. Robinson” occupation=”Romantic Suspense Author” type=”quote” layout=”clean” quote_size=”12px” author_size=”12px” italic=”1″]

Career Author Secrets Series

SECRETS Every Author Should Know: Publishing Basics by Maggie Lynch

Secrets Every Author Should Know

Secrets to Pricing and Distribution by Maggie Lynch

Secrets to Pricing and Distribution: Ebooks, Print and Direct Sales

Secrets to Effective Author Marketing: It’s More Than “Buy My Book”