Single Author Collection of Short Stories and Novelettes (136 pages)

This collection of seven speculative fiction stories explores the rhythms of life both external and internal on our planet and in other places in the universe. From identifying a single individual’s challenges with identity to that of a supernatural being whose sole purpose is to embed its soul into the experiences of all people, each story asks you to question what you see, who you are, and how to think outside of your personal experience.

If you are able to adapt to a new rhythm, you will be given a chance to do more than survive. You will find a way to thrive.

Included titles:

  • “Alienation”
  • “Identity Crisis”
  • “The Conscript”
  • “Pop!”
  • “The Payment”
  • “The Vow”
  • “The Beckoning”

Ebook $2.99, Print $8.99

”I have read virtually everything Maggie Lynch has written under her “Maggie Faire“ (for fantasy stories) and “Maggie Jaimeson“ pen names (for romance and sci fi). Her books are consistently excellent with wonderfully original yet true to life (even in the case of those in a fantasy or sci fi context) plots and truly well developed characters that continually grow. While the stories here are too short for the same impact that her novels have, their breadth and ingenuity demonstrate just how powerful an author Maggie (whatever last name is used) can be. And yet – and this is key – the bottom line is that these stories (like her longer works) are simply fun reads.”Mysterious Amazon Customer, Amazon Vine

“Though I prefer the fantasy novels Maggie has written in the Chameleon series, I do like her short stories as well. She always makes me think outside the box. For example, what would happen if instead of electing a president, one had to do the job if they made too much money. Or what if the “god” or “supernatural being” in charge of keeping the earth safe was selected from the people on earth. Would you want that job? A note to new readers, Maggie Jaimeson is Maggie Lynch. I think she dropped that name and redid most of her books. Highly recommended.”  — K. Matus

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