Marley Clark Mysteries Book 2

A murderer taps exotic biotech know-how to kill a billionaire and a passel of his heirs. Does greed fuel the killing spree or is it something more sinister?

Visiting her crusty 79-year-old aunt in northern Iowa, Marley Clark tries to save a billionaire when he tumbles from an excursion boat captained by Marley’s cousin. But the victim—founder of a biotech empire—is dead before his body hits the water. Soon Marley is consoling the widow, an old college friend and prime murder suspect.

As Marley becomes embroiled in the investigation, members of the tycoon’s family perish faster than overripe fruit, and the arrogant head of a security firm renews a vendetta. Once the murder spree is linked to biological weapons, Marley’s former Pentagon boss joins the probe. To unmask the villains and protect her kin, Marley taps homegrown resources and debates the wisdom of trusting a handsome attorney with a suspicious past and a killer smile.

Ebook $4.99, Audiobook $15.99

“Linda Lovely spins a clever yarn that manages to twist a thread of corporate espionage, with a threat of bioterrorism, all wrapped around by good guys you cannot help but like. While the body count rivals a Shakespearean tragedy, the reader takes refuge in the bosom of Marley Clark’s wholesome family–the venerable Aunt May is particularly well written. I don’t want to spoil the fun, so I won’t summarize the plot, except to say that it thickens and boils as a good mystery should.” — Martha Catt

“Linda Lovely’s first book was a great beach read and full of plot twists that satisfied even this picky mystery lover. To my delight, her new book No Wake Zone delivers just as much punch as her first. Great setting in the Great Lakes section of Iowa and Lovely’s attention to detail makes me feel I’m really there. The scene in the old amusement park is one of the best “chills and thrills” scenes I’ve read anywhere. And of course, Marley’s Aunt May almost steals the show. The plot has more twists and turns than a roller coaster and you’ll need your sleuth cap on to unravel the fast-paced ending. Enjoyed this greatly.” — djcampsoup

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