A Sweet & Dirty BBW Romance Book 10

He had her heart in his hands… but he let it fall into the fire. Can this biker breathe life into the ashes of love? 

‘Cooler’ Carson has one last chance to get his family back… 

He’ll have to talk fast, and play dirty.

Good thing this Flyer’s an expert at both.

RaeAnn Carson will do anything to keep her son out of trouble…

Even bring him back to live with his biker daddy.

But when her ex insists she’s part of the deal–or no deal… does she dare take a chance of getting burned again?

Will love’s sweetness be worth the sting?

Ebook $4.99

“I have read and have loved every book in the series. In fact every book keeps getting better and better. I love the characters and the storylines. When the reader gets to know the characters from the other books they seem like family. This book about the gang that was after Conner I was glad that he had so many Flyers that could protect him. This book is very enjoyable. This book has drama, suspense, romance, love, and hot, steamy, sizzling, chemistry.” — Pat, Kindle Customer

“I have read and LOVED every book in this series. Mac Carson, aka Cooler, was the last Flyer I ever thought of as hero material but … Cathryn pulled it off and then some! Mac and RaeAnn’s story is another brilliantly crafted, loads of fun, steamy ride that includes glimpses of all the guys in the Devil’s Flyers as well as their “old ladies”. The writing is top-notch as always, the characters are down-to-earth and hilarious. I never want the Flyers’ ride to end!” — Island Deb, Amazon Customer

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