A Sweet & Dirty BBW Romance Book 5

Her real world can be wilder than her fantasies… if she dares.

He’s a hot, dangerous biker who goes through women like whiskey. She’s a shy, BBW gamer who crushes on him from afar.

But when a threat on her life throws them together for a wild weekend, they go up in flames.

Now she can’t keep her distance… until he pushes her away. Can’t get water from a rock, but can this BBW beauty spin honey from a rolling stone?

Don’t miss this dark, sexy ride through danger, as another man of the Devil’s Flyers MC learns that love’s sweetness is worth the sting!

Ebook $3.99

“Once I started reading-I couldn’t put it down! I love Cathryn Cade’s books. This was no exception. I really enjoyed Billie and Rocker. They make such a great couple even if he doesn’t see it for a long time. Steamy but sweet- a real treat. 10 STARS!!!” — Christina

“I really like the push and pull of the two main characters. I started reading this book in the series and wasn’t left out from the other characters and that was amazing. Now I’m going to buy all the others!!!!” — Sara

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