A Sweet & Dirty BBW Romance Book 9

A marriage of convenience, biker style!

These strangers get one chance to save what matters most… but it will mean living as husband and wife.

Devil’s Flyer ‘Streak’ Gansett will do anything to keep his son safe–even marry to create a convincing family. But this biker didn’t count on falling for his sexy, blonde bride.

Rissa Belmer has one chance to save her future–marry a stranger and pretend to be his devoted wife. The problem is, once she gets to know him and his little boy, the lines between fake and real begin to blur.

Can they walk away when it’s over… or will they want to hold on for good?

Will love’s sweetness be worth the sting?

Ebook $4.99

“Each book in this series just adds texture and strength to the world Cathryn Cade has created. I loved T Bear, but what I loved the most is that Manda was an incredibly strong female character. She and T together are that perfect mix. Him being strong and alpha, but aware and supportive of her and her strengths…. even when he’s being an idiot. And I loved that she forced him to respect her needs, and stuck to it. The author didn’t just pay lip service… she had her characters FOLLOW through. Awesome story. I’m on watch for book 7.” — Amazon Customer

“I love this series of books. They hit that spot right in the middle where bad things happen but the heroes aren’t dark, dangerous and damaged. They are rough and ready but loyal, generous and kind…I love that both Manda and T-Bear have had very different experiences of being raised by a single mother. Manda had it hard with a bitter mother and T-Bear had a great mother who loved and cherished him. But, they both had problems with learning at school. T-Bear struggles with reading and writing and Manda struggles with numbers. They both did not enjoy education. This is reflected in the way they talk to each other. The simple straight forward language they use with each other is so sweet and genuine it gives a real shot of sugary sweetness right to the heart.

On top of the all the sweetness is the aforementioned “dirty”. Cathryn Cade writes really good sex scenes. She’s naughty and descriptive without being graphic and at the same time it feels very real.” — Chrissy’s Bookshelf

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