Book 2 of the Falling in Love Series

Three friends, three broken hearts, and an everlasting love.

Best friends from childhood, Jon, Abby, and Noah, built a friendship that has survived the test of time.

Noah secretly loves Abby, but Abby only has eyes for Jon—except Jon doesn’t love her back. When Jon is diagnosed with ALS, Abby convinces Jon her feelings are strong enough for both of them. But after fifteen years of a marriage, Abby discovers her love for Jon was only infatuation. It’s Noah who has truly owned her heart.

Jon’s final request to Noah—Confess to Abby that you’ve always loved her and give her the life she was meant to have. But before Noah can profess his love, disaster strikes, and Noah fears he will never get the chance to fulfill his promise and win the love of his life.

Ebook $3.99, Print $9.99

“I will say that Kathy Coatney writes beautifully, and her stories are a balm for the soul. I hesitate to call this book a romance, it is more the second love story in a series that so involves you with her characters that you are simply swept into their lives. Unlike some romances, you never feel that scenes are there simply to add tension and the backstory is delivered in easy to follow flashbacks that never seem contrived. There are peripheral characters that were featured in the first book, giving you a feeling of continuity and leaving you pleased to know how those characters are doing now. You find yourself finishing this book satisfied with the ending, and somehow assured you will get another peek at all these characters in the next book. It is lovely to be able to follow well-loved characters without being left with dangling plotlines. If you enjoy a good love story, with characters that seem like real people you might know, follow this series. The book stands alone without having read the first in the series, but whichever you read first you will find yourself reading the other.” — David, Amazon Customer

“This book deals with some heavy topics: death, ALS, alcoholism, failed marriages, dreams put aside, and more but it isn’t a dark, angsty story. It is ultimately a story of hope, inspiration, and love. Love of all kinds.

I don’t usually like books with a lot of flashbacks but they worked in this story. Each flashback was relevant and the lines between past and present were always clear.

There were a couple of minor loose ends but they will be addressed in future books in the series.

This is the second book in the Falling In Love Series. Both books are 5-star reads. If you enjoy well-written stories with developed characters that grab your attention from the beginning, look no further. I urge you to read this series.” — specialangel, Amazon Customer

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