Book 15 of the The Murphy Clan



Love, marriage, and a family aren’t in the cards for me after my fiancé left me at the altar. I was so certain he loved me, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. My mother’s words haunt me. “She’s an ugly duckling. She’ll never attract a man. A husband and family aren’t in her future.” Instead of dwelling on the past, I focus on running Three Rivers Fly Shop and Boat Repair, the legacy from my father.

Two years later, Ian Callahan, my brother’s best friend and my childhood heartthrob, returns home. Certain he’ll never see the swan lurking beneath the ugly duckling, the same as when we were teenagers, I protect my heart by insisting on a friends with benefits relationship. The fact is, I don’t need love. I have my work, a persnickety, one-eyed cat, and keeping the Trench Coat Brigade in line—a wacky group of seniors with a penchant for meddling, matchmaking, and mystery-solving.


After my last relationship crashed and burned, I left my job as an arson investigator and firefighter in Seattle to return home. Ready to settle down, my hometown is the only place I want to put down roots. And the only woman I want to make a life with is Ingie Pulaski. She’s smart, sassy, and fearless, but she wants a causal relationship.

When a building is torched and a body is found, I find myself keeping tabs on the Trench Coat Brigade to ensure they stay out of trouble. But there’s an added benefit to that assignment—I’m spending a lot more time with Ingie. And I’m making it my mission to show her there’s more to our relationship than friends with benefits.


I’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places until I meet up with Ian again. Now I have to conquer my deepest fear—abandonment—or lose the only man who loves me just the way I am.

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“Ingie Pulaski is filled with self-doubt after being left at the altar. It doesn’t help that she spent her childhood listening to her mother telling her she was too plain to ever find a husband and have a family of her own. Yet, instead of dwelling in the past, Ingie focuses on running her successful boat repair business and helping out her family and friends. She’s accepted her solo lot in life, until Ian Callahan, her high school heartthrob returns to Paradise Falls. Sparks fly as they work together to solve a local murder. But, while Ian is all-in for a committed relationship with a future, Ingie is gun-shy after being dumped by her ex-fiancé and wants to limit the relationship to friends with benefits. Ian, not being one to settle for half-measures, vows to win Ingie’s heart.

With a little help from their friends and family in Paradise Falls, true love triumphs and we all get a satisfying romantic read!”Lueeza, Amazon Customer

“This book was so much fun to read. I did not want to put it down because the mystery and suspense pulled me in and I had to know what happened and why. I enjoyed the romance between Ingie and Ian, although she only wanted friends with benefits and he wanted it all. Ian seemed so perfect for her if she could only let go of the words her mother had said to her many times before she left their family.
I also liked how Ingie was such a strong character and able to stand up for herself in a man’s field of work. She amazed me many times in the book.”Lori, Amazon Customer

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