Falling In Love Series Box Set (Books 1-4)

Small Town. Check. Second Chance Love. Check. Friends to Lovers. Check. Rival to Lovers. Check. Opposites Attract. Check. Falling in Love—The Murphy Clan Series has it all bundled into one book.

Falling For You Again

Life knocked her down, but she came up fighting.

When small town teacher Ethan Burke, and big city photographer Clare Benton meet, it’s love at first sight. Until tragedy shatters their fairytale romance. Can love heal their greatest loss?

Falling In Love With You

She married the wrong man. He married out of duty.

Abby Sullivan and Noah Murphy both find themselves single after twenty years. Having known each other all their lives, now they’re trying to find their way from friends to lovers. But second chances don’t come with guarantees, and just when Noah is sure he can win Abby’s heart, disaster strikes, and all hope seems lost forever.

Falling In Love For The First Time

Rivals to lovers.

Flight nurse Maggie Murphy has a career she loves and a man she’d die for—Daniel Gregorio. Owner of Adventure Docs, an emergency medical service, Daniel is Maggie’s very own personal hero. Her life seems complete, their love perfect. Until tragedy hits. Now their lives hang in the balance. Is their love strong enough to battle the darkness between them?

Falling in Love With Him

What do an inquisitive reporter, a dedicated cop, and a band of geriatric mystery sleuths have in common? The desire to see justice done!

Tossed from a prestigious Seattle newspaper, journalist C.J. Pulaski returns to her hometown in disgrace. After Nate Cole’s partner was killed in the line of duty, he left the LAPD to become police chief in northern Idaho. Small town living suits him just fine until he has to solve a thirty-five-year-old murder, keep the Trench Coat Brigade in line, and deal with a spunky, outspoken reporter.

Get your copy today because this collection has all your favorite romances that are worth fighting for—friends to lovers, second chance, opposites attract, and rival to lovers.

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boxset for Falling in Love series books 1-4

The Falling In Love Series

cover for Falling in Love Again by Kathy Coatney

Falling for You…Again

cover for Falling in Love for the First Time by Kathy Coatney

Falling in Love for the First Time

cover for Falling in Love with You by Kathy Coatney

Falling in Love with You

Cover for Falling in Love with Him by Kathy Coatney, Murphy Clan Series

Falling in Love with Him

Cover for Falling in With Love with Her by Kathy Coatney

Falling in Love with Her

Return to Hope’s Crossing Series

cover for Forever His: The Murphy Clan, Return to Hope's Crossing Book 1

Forever His: The Murphy Clan

cover for Forever Mine: The Murphy Clan, Return to Hope's Crossing Book 2

Forever Mine: The Murphy Clan

Cover for Forever Yours: The Murphy Clan, Return to Hope's Crossing Book 3

Forever Yours: The Murphy Clan

Boxset 3D image of Return to Hope's Crossing series of three books by Kathy Coatney

Return to Hope’s Crossing Boxset Books

Boxset books for the Murphy Clan Collection by Kathy Coatney

The Murphy Clan Mixed Collection

The Crooked Halo Christmas Chronicles

cove for Be My Santa Tonight by Kathy Coatney

Be My Santa Tonight

Cover for Her Christmas Wish, Crooked Halo Christmas Chronicles by Kathy Coatney

Her Christmas Wish

Cover for Under the Mistletoe by Kathy Coatney

Under the Mistletoe

Crooked Halo Chronicles Boxset

The Crooked Halo Christmas Chronicles Boxset

The Vermont Christmas Romance Series

Cover for Santa Comes to Snowside by Kathy Coatney

Santa Comes to Snowside

Cover for Jingle all the Way to Snowside. The Murphy Clan, Vermont Christmas series

Jingle All The Way to Snowside