Book 3 of the Falling in Love Series

She has a career she loves, a man she’d die for, and a life in the majestic Idaho mountains—her life is complete until tragedy strikes without waning.

Flight nurse Maggie Gregorio knows her husband has demons, but she’s never seen what happens when they’re unleashed. Never experienced the terror. The helplessness.

Symptom free for years, Daniel is married to his soulmate, running his own emergency medical service, and he’s able to provide safe refuge to his brother returning from deployment. Life is perfect…

Until the first unprovoked flash of anger. PTSD—the invisible enemy—resurfaces, and their home is transformed into an emotional warzone.

Lives hang in the balance. Will love be enough to overcome what lies between them?

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Cover Fallin in Love for the First Time by Kathy Coatney
The latest book in the Falling in Love series is a heartbreaker. I got misty-eyed so many times as Daniel and Maggie struggled through their marriage and watched everything fall apart. What I love about this book and the whole series is that it’s about a couple who’ve had their happy ending, then found that everything isn’t exactly like a romance novel after that. There are struggles and people grow apart and can’t seem to find their way back to each other. There are also elements of PTSD for both Daniel and his brother that tugged at my heartstrings. What do you do when someone you love is falling apart right before your eyes and you absolutely can’t find a way to help them? Yes, this story made me cry the whole way through, for Maggie, for Daniel, and for Daniel’s brother Colin. But have no fear, there is always another HEA waiting for you in this series, after you’ve had a good cry. Grab your copy today, curl up in a corner, and give yourself a fabulous read! I received this book as an ARC, but the review I've written is totally honest and all my own.
Love to ReadAmazon Customer
Kathy Coatney always writes characters with depth, heartache, passion, and the capacity for growth. Daniel and Maggie have obstacles to overcome, but it's the emotional way Coatney has her characters react and develop that makes her books so darn good! The book stays with you long after you read it, and the author's treatment of Daniel's brother with PTSD (and Daniel himself suffered from the condition) was spot on. FALLING IN LOVE FOR THE FIRST TIME is an emotional joy to read. I read it and the previous book, FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU, and now I want to go back and read the first in her series.
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