Book 3 of the Falling in Love Series

She has a career she loves, a man she’d die for, and a life in the majestic Idaho mountains—her life is complete until tragedy strikes without waning.

Flight nurse Maggie Gregorio knows her husband has demons, but she’s never seen what happens when they’re unleashed. Never experienced the terror. The helplessness.

Symptom free for years, Daniel is married to his soulmate, running his own emergency medical service, and he’s able to provide safe refuge to his brother returning from deployment. Life is perfect…

Until the first unprovoked flash of anger. PTSD—the invisible enemy—resurfaces, and their home is transformed into an emotional warzone.

Lives hang in the balance. Will love be enough to overcome what lies between them?

Ebook $3.99, Print $9.99

“Another great story by Kathy Coatney. She does an excellent job of writing stories that go a little deeper than the average romance, which makes the romance that much more rewarding. The issues she tackles in this book are serious but she has a sensitive way of writing that doesn’t make them to heavy for the reader to handle. We know Maggie and Daniel have been through a lot of challenges and we are rooting for them all the way. Can’t wait for the next one in this series!” — Lueeza, Amazon Customer

“If you enjoy well-written stories with well-developed characters and a plot that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go, then I suggest you read Falling In Love For The First Time. I urge you to read the entire series. You will Fall In Love with the people in these stories.” — specialangel, Amazon Customer

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