They vowed to love each other forever, then grief tore them apart.

Clare and Ethan Burke carved out a life in Paradise Falls, Idaho. While Clare built a career as an outdoor photographer, Ethan taught eighth-grade science. They raised three children and had a happily-ever-after life until tragedy struck and their daughter was killed in a boating accident.

Two years later Clare and Ethan still love each other, but their grief has pushed them to the brink of divorce. Their problems become insignificant when Clare leaves for a photo shoot into the mountains and doesn’t return. With a blizzard looming, Ethan must move heaven and earth to find her.

Will they get a second chance or lose each other forever?

Ebook $3.99, Print $9.99

“This was a new to me author and I didn’t know what to expect but Kathy Coatney took me by surprise. Her well written novel touched my heart and I have to admit I shed more than a few tears. I really enjoyed her characters. Especially the family cat and dog. They both wrenched at my heart, so loyal so fierce. And I loved the couple at the heart of the story. They’re idyllic life comes to a crashing halt when they lose one of their three children. Grief shows in so many ways, and I really thought the author did a superb job showing how it can almost destroy everything. This was so worth the read. I truly loved it. If you are looking for a book that will pull at your heart strings and give you a view of unexpected pain, and falling in love all over again with the same person, you will love this book. A true page turner.” — kathi jo goldwyn, Amazon Customer

“This book is different from my usual choice to read and I wasn’t overly sure I’d like it but it was incredible. It’s about parents losing a child and losing themselves and nearly their relationship in their grief. It was heart wrenching, emotional, tender, loving, heart warming, all sorts! It was a great read, I struggled to put it down, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and couldn’t wait to finish it! It hops back and forth between the past and present which showed Clare and Ethan’s 20 year relationship in various stages and made me feel more connected to the characters. Overall I felt this was a well written and intriguing book and would recommend it.” — NJ6, Vine Voice, Amazon Customer

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