They vowed to love each other forever, then grief tore them apart.

Clare and Ethan Burke carved out a life in Paradise Falls, Idaho. While Clare built a career as an outdoor photographer, Ethan taught eighth-grade science. They raised three children and had a happily-ever-after life until tragedy struck and their daughter was killed in a boating accident.

Two years later Clare and Ethan still love each other, but their grief has pushed them to the brink of divorce. Their problems become insignificant when Clare leaves for a photo shoot into the mountains and doesn’t return. With a blizzard looming, Ethan must move heaven and earth to find her.

Will they get a second chance or lose each other forever?

Ebook $3.99, Print $9.99

Falling for You Again by Kathy Coatney
This story will make you cry but it will also give you hope. It's about a parent's ultimate nightmare, the death of a child, but it also shows the very real way in which even the most loving couple can create a chasm that seems impossible to cross. It feels like there's no way back, and there are no easy solutions, but that's the beauty of reading this heartwarming story about real people facing wrenching issues. It makes me believe that there's hope for us all.
Love to ReadAmazon Customer
This is an emotional story told mainly from Grace and Ethan's point of view. There are many flashbacks that show how their marriage and family reached this point. It is a book that would get you thinking about the important relations that you have in your lives. This is a well written powerful story. I highly recommend it and I look forward to reading more from this author.
Irene SAmazon Customer

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