Children with no birth records and a soldier with PTSD together must define the value of human life.

Jenna Mosier is on a mission to save her murdered sister’s child. Estranged for ten years after a bitter fight, the trail is as cold as her dead sibling. The only glimmer of hope is the place her sister’s body and a ten-year old boy were abandoned…the backyard of Reed Adler, retired Marine Special Ops.

Working together, Jenna and Reed piece together a mystery involving missing children and biogenetics research..and find they have more than justice and revenge in common. But the closer they get to answers, and each other, the more deadly the game becomes. With their hearts and lives on the line, they must decide what they are willing to risk to save one young boy.

This is the first book in a suspense series where a group of former Marines become Shadow Finders. They help find those who have disappeared, have no identity, or are presumed dead.

Ebook $4.99, Print $13.99

“It’s a great action story, with all the thrills needed for that genre, yet the concept of Shadow Finders adds such a nice extra dimension, and the way she deftly weaves in real substantive issues like PTSD and science ethics adds a whole extra level to appreciate. This book is excellent in all levels, and I’m happy to recommend it.” — Amazon Customer

“I didn’t want to put this book down even to sleep! … I can’t wait to read the complete series. I love the characters.” — Inna MacDonald, Amazon Customer

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The Shadow Finders Series

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