Marley Clark Mysteries Book 1

Marley Clark, a retired military intelligence officer, works security for a Sea Island community simply to keep busy. A single night patrol transforms the feisty widow’s yawner of a job into a deadly battle of wits when she finds an islander drowned and bobbing naked amid a potpourri of veggies in a Jacuzzi.

Asked to serve as the lead investigator’s liaison, the 52-year-old heroine is startled to discover she’s become Deputy Braden Mann’s target as well—for romance. Yet their steamy attraction doesn’t deter the pair from sorting through a viper’s nest of suspects as the body count grows and the pun-loving killer plans a grizzly epitaph for Marley.

DEAR KILLER is the first in a series of Marley Clark adventures that combine heart-pounding suspense with generous sides of romance and humor.

Ebook $4.99, Print $14.95
Audiobook $15.65

“I was delighted to make the acquaintance of a new, audacious female protagonist, Marley Clark, when I started reading Dear Killer this week. Linda Lovely is masterful at writing page-turning suspense scenes. I stayed up past midnight last night because I just couldn’t stop reading…that from a person who rarely makes it up past ten o’clock. Lovely’s writing style is a pleasure to read and Marley’s voice throughout is full of wry wit and raw, honest female emotion. She’s absolutely someone I’d enjoy having a few beers with.” — Sally Handley

“This book is absolutely fantastic! It is a mystery with some romance, humor, excitement… and more. This book is better than Jessica Fletcher and better than Agatha Christie for this one reason. This book shows that when you are over 50, you are not dead. Along with this being a great book, it goes to show that being a widow does not mean you have to shelve yourself till death. So yes, there is romance that gets a little risque in one or two instances, but I feel it goes to show women over 50 are not dead.” — Dorothy

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