Smart Women, Dumb Luck Series Book 1

A mentoring program at Blue Ridge University—dumb luck—brings three smart women together. Riley Reid, an FBI agent, mentors coeds at her alma mater and teaches them self-defense. Though a decade older, Riley becomes fast friends with students Nexi Ketts and her roommate Kate Johnson. Though the women have little in common beyond their troubled pasts, their friendship means they can count on each other whenever dumb luck turns bad.

Nexi Ketts has carved out a new life—too bad a relentless hit man is determined to end it.

Nexi Ketts has reinvented herself—new name, new look, new life. She makes her living catching corporate cheats, partial atonement for dear old dad’s embezzling ways.

A fling with a handsome cop ends badly when he tries to kill her. She flees, naked, causing a fender bender, and making it damn hard for Detective Barry Gerton to think clearly. A second vicious attack convinces Barry the secretive Nexi, who has her very own FBI dossier, is the target of a professional assassin.

Determined to protect her, Barry unexpectedly falls in love. Nexi yields to the same sizzling attraction. Trust is another matter… Nexi has secrets to guard. And Barry’s been burned before.

Yet once the couple lands in Jamaica, trust is no longer a luxury. Amid the trappings of paradise, they need each other to survive a heart-stopping, cross-island game of hide-and-seek and a harrowing descent into the depths of Dragon’s Throat cave.

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“One thrill after another. What fun! Ms. Lovely keeps you turning the pages with the story of Nexi Ketts, a high-powered corporate accountant looking for the parents who dumped her and disappeared after stealing a ton of money. But why is someone trying to kill her? Nexi avoids a series of edge-of-the-seat close calls that keeps the reader breathless. Lovely writes in a fast-paced style loaded with imagery. This is one enjoyable read. Highly recommended.” — Polly Iyer

“I couldn’t put it down. Good story. Dead Line is a page-turner with a fast-paced, interesting plot. Everything Nexi learns opens a new possibility and takes her in a new direction with trouble at every turn. Here and there, a humorous scene provides a chuckle in the midst of the tension. Lovely slowly reveals the characters’ motivations, giving them depth–even the bad guys. Her colorful style and good, tight writing make for a riveting read–I look forward to another smart woman with dumb luck.” — Ellis

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Smart Women, Dumb Luck Series

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