Smart Women, Dumb Luck Series Book 2

Three men want Riley Reid. One wants her dead.

When a homegrown terrorist group threatens to turn prestigious Blue Ridge University into a funeral pyre, Riley, BRU’s Director of Security, is thrown into a shadow world where old hatreds run deep, family feuds poison relationships, and death and danger spill off the college campus into mountain wilderness.

To survive, the former FBI agent must decide who deserves her trust. Not easy when her choices include a one-time lover her family regards as evil incarnate and a cheating ex-husband who claims he wants her back.

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Dead Hunt by Linda Lovely
Ms. Lovely's distinctive voice comes through on every page of this exciting thriller as a quiet college campus is rocked by threats and murder. Former FBI agent Riley Reid, the campus security director, is a smart woman who meets challenges head on. She also meets the sexy English professor head on, and sparks fly despite their differences. The supporting characters, from Miz Pearl to Riley's ex to the Onward members, stand out, and the story takes the reader through a range of emotions, from horror and disgust to passion and tenderness.
Fairlight ReaderAmazon Customer
Linda's books are so full of twists and turns it's hard to imagine how she comes up with the plot lines! Bravo! Another exciting story. I rush to find out what happens but hate to finish knowing I can't read more!
Ruth S. CarrollAmazon Customer

Smart Women, Dumb Luck Series

Dead Line by Linda Lovely

Dead Line