Book 11 in the Gabriel Hawke Series

A church fire.
An unconscious woman on Starvation Ridge.

Gabriel Hawke, fish and wildlife officer with the Oregon State Police, helps with a fire at the Lighted Path church before heading out to check turkey hunters. He discovers a car wedged between two trees and a woman with a head injury reeking of smoke. Is she the arsonist?

Hawke encounters the county midwife gloating over the burnt church and learns she and the victim in the car know one another.

Two seemingly separate events lead Hawke to a serial rapist and a county full of secrets.

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“I enjoy watching how Hawke always get pulled in the investigation of something that is not exactly under his duties. I could understand someone wanting to get rid of the pastor, after the horrible things he did. The story had so many suspects and ups and downs. Just when Hawke would find a clue, it would lead to something else or a dead end. I was so surprised at the end when I found out who did it.” – Rebecca Claxon, Vine Voice

“I’ve often heard it said that the female of any species is the most dangerous. Now, that’s a bit of a spoiler for the story, but not much of one since the victim was a monster who used his position of power to abuse the females under his care. That meant that Hawke had more suspects than he knew what to do with. But, as with every puzzle his brain won’t let go of, he applied his methodical tenacity to follow where the clues lead him. This time, they lead him through some of the darkest things one human being can do to another. Even though I hate that this book is over already, I can’t wait to see what trail he’ll be on to next.” – Kristen Lewendon

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