Book 12 in the Gabriel Hawke Novels

This double cold case and current homicide have Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Trooper Gabriel Hawke calling in favors… and exploring a childhood he shoved into the deep recesses of his mind. 

While patrolling on the Snake River in Hells Canyon, Gabriel Hawke’s dog digs up a human bone. Hawke is confronted by an aunt he doesn’t remember, and he finds a canister of film when the rest of the remains are excavated. The film shows someone being killed and a rifle pointed at the photographer.

Going through missing person files, Hawke discovers the victims of the decades-old double homicide. A person connected to the original crime is murdered, giving Hawke more leads and multiple suspects.

Attending a local Powwow with his family, Hawke discovers more about his childhood and realizes his suspects have been misleading him.

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“This is definitely one of the best in this series. It really had me thinking about & guessing for most of book who actually was the culprit. I love that history not only of the area, but Hawk’s past was woven throughout the book. I hope that more of his family history is brought into future books. Anyone who lives mysteries especially those set in the western part of the United States would love this series and especially this book. I highly recommend this book.”Peggy, Amazon Customer

Pati Jager has done it again with her latest Gabriel Hawke novel, Cougars Cache. She has included excellent descriptions of the beautiful areas in Wallowa County and Hell’s Canyon, Oregon. There is a lot of mystery concerning the very old human bones found which leads you through twists and turns until the end. As always there is humor and fun when it involves Hawke’s interactions with the ever present Dog. I really enjoyed the chapters describing the various events, dances, ceremonies and costumes in the powwow that Hawke, Dani and his family attended to reconnect with their indigenous roots. It is evident that Pati has done a lot of research with the Oregon State Troopers and indigenous tribes to enhance her accuracy. A throughly enjoyable book that you need to read.Andrea, Kindle Customer

Book cover for Cougar's Cache by Paty Jager. Cover features a cougar in the foreground with a hill or mountain in the background.
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