Book 2 of the Forest People Series – The Choosing

A human chameleon. An endangered mythical forest. Can she bond with a thunder dragon in time to save her new family?

Camryn Painter has enough identity issues without discovering a deadly new magic coursing through her veins. Though her chameleon-like abilities herald her as the forest people’s savior, she’s terrified by the growing dark power within her. And it only gets worse when she realizes that to control this new magic she’ll have to bond with a deadly Thunder Dragon…

As Camryn embarks on her dangerous quest, she discovers that the same human tyrants who experimented on her are behind multiple grisly murders as well. To fulfill her destiny, she may just have to infiltrate her former prison.

Can Camryn master her new abilities to stave off more death, or will power-hungry humans destroy her magical home for good?

Chameleon: The Choosing is the second book in The Forest People YA paranormal fantasy series. If you like heroic challenges, original creatures, and frightening battles between dark and light, then you’ll love Maggie Lynch’s rousing adventure.

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“What an amazing story. I read book one, The Awakening, but nothing prepared me for what happens in The Choosing. It’s a continuing journey into worlds beyond the one you know. Purity versus darkness and the never ending struggle. Very thought provoking and an excellent read!” — Debbie53, Amazon Customer

HALL WAYS REVIEW: AUDIO BOOK REVIEW. “CHAMELEON: THE CHOOSING is the second book in the Forest People series and is a good follow-up to book one, CHAMELEON: THE AWAKENING, which I advise reading first. Author Maggie Lynch again grabs readers’ attention from page one with immediate drama and tension, but in THE CHOOSING, there are two early and unexpected twists that I find make this book unique in the typical teen love triangle sub-plots. Kudos to Lynch!”

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