Hawaiian Heroes Book 3

Tropical romance blooms deep in the Hawaiian jungle… but deadly peril is close behind.

A young sporting goods exec leads a team of models and photogs into the remote Hawaiian jungle, for a photo shoot against the backdrop of tropical blooms, along with a cocky, handsome, adventure TV star.

But someone wants her plan to wither on the vine. They may even want her dead. Good thing she has a hero close at hand… and a forest that seems to know what she needs, even before she does.Mainlander Bella Moran is on Hawaii’s Big Island to supervise a photo shoot, then spend some time getting to know her Ho’omalu cousins. But when she and her team reach the rainforest, strange things begin to happen. Her recent dreams about the rainforest come to life. Is she losing her mind, or can she really command the trees, vines and even the flowers here to do her will?

Unfortunately, she finds no rest in her waking hours, either, dealing with the sexy, arrogant star of her shoot. If her dreams don’t drive her crazy, he will. The man’s not only a horn-dog, he thinks he knows more than she does about everything.

Adventure TV star Joel Girand is ready for a relaxing weekend showcasing tropical camping gear. If he has to put up with an uptight exec like Bella, he may as well have a little flirtatious fun at her expense. He’s not prepared to fall for the Hawaiian beauty… but when she lands in his arms, he wants to hold on tight and enjoy the passion that sizzles between them.

In Joel’s arms, Bella feels free to let her new, wild side bloom. But they have little time to relax–they have a saboteur–one who’s willing to kill. If Bella and Joel are to stop him, her terrifying new powers must blossom in the light of day. Will Joel still want her when he discovers she may be able to use the plants and vines on her island to kill?

Ebook $3.99

“As exciting and erotic as previous installments of the series, mixing supernatural abilities of Hawaiian heritage with deliciously exciting romantic suspense. Intimacy is off the charts sexy. Definitely ‘ono’, the best!”Romantic Times

“I wondered how the newest Ho’omalu was going the help the islands, especially since she just learned she was a protector. The series is all wonderful but things really get exciting when the bad guys finally show their true colors. Of course, the HEA is necessary. Can’t wait for the next Hawaiian adventure.” –Kim Corriher, Kindle Customer

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