Beekeeper Pat is an insect guy. He started out as a bike guy until he traded a bike for a colony of bees, and he’s been a bee guy ever since. Text with photographs of Beekeeper Pat and his amazing dancing bees tell the story of the important work bees do.

The Farm to the Table series are books about agriculture designed for second and third grade readers. The text of each book highlights second grade vocabulary words.

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“I had absolutely no idea bees could be so interesting. Actually, I thought they’d be a very boring subject until I read Kathy Coatney’s, ‘Beekeeper Pat and the Amazing Dancing Bees.’ I especially like the way Ms. Coatney has incorporated second grade vocabulary words in an easy-to-read and enjoyable writing style. The photos are great, too, giving the reader an actual view inside the world of bees. I’ll be reading this story to my 2nd grader grandson during the holidays. He’s interested in so many different things, and this book will help expand his horizons. ” –Rebecca, Amazon customer

“This is a fun book with lots of interesting facts about bees and the important role they play. Beekeeper Pat is charming and the photos of him with his bees are amazing in themselves. This 2nd book in the Farmer Guy/Gal series continues to show and tell about agriculture and farm life in a way that’s inviting, informative and friendly to kids.” –Lisa S,  Amazon customer

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