Sweetwater Canyon Book 2 – Rachel’s Story

She plays the fiddle to soothe her pain. He writes poetry to confront his past. Will two wounded hearts turn their laments into love?

Rachel Cullen’s music is her therapy. Playing the fiddle with her all-female Americana band is her only escape from the specters of the past. When her newest student’s father attends a lesson, Rachel’s heavy heart skips a beat, but she fears she might be too broken to start again…

Divorcee Noel Karshaw wants only the best role models around his precocious five-year-old girl. Careful not to repeat his past mistakes, he avoids all women with emotional baggage. And while his daughter’s new music teacher is indeed lovely, the wounded woman doesn’t meet his exacting standards. So why can’t he stop thinking about her?

As their attraction becomes impossible to ignore, they’re the only ones who can decide how their love song ends. Will Rachel and Noel overcome their tragic pasts together, or will their bittersweet ballad fall flat?

Healing Notes is the second standalone book in the heartwarming Sweetwater Canyon contemporary romance series. If you like wounded souls, emotional crises, and loving family stories, then you’ll love Maggie Lynch’s gorgeous novel.

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Healing Notes Audiobook Cover by Maggie Lynch

Written by: Maggie Lynch
Narrated by: Sonja Field
Length: 7 hrs, 36 min

Series: Sweetwater Canyon, Book 1
Unabridged Audiobook

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