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Keyword in 2022 is Focus

by Maggie Lynch Key word for the year : Focus My primary feeling about the year: Anticipation Overall approach: Cautiously optimistic Overcoming obstacles: Work together Gut feeling on how the year will end:  Beyond expectations Focus on Moving Forward Okay I admit I’ve always been an optimist. I figure it’s
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2022’s Clean Slate

by Kimila Kay I used to be a resolutions person, but then I realized I set the same goals every year, my failure to achieve them setting me up for despair by the end of January. Now, amid a pandemic, my older self is thankful I survived 2021, despite not
Silhouette friends jumping and holding number 2022 on sunset sky abstract background at tropical beach. Happy new year and holiday celebration concept. Vintage tone color style.

Happy New Year – What We Are Talking About in January

  We made it to 2022!  I know that several authors at Windtree Press were counting down until they could turn the calendar to a new year. We’ve asked for them to share their plans, hopes, dreams for 2022 during the month of January. Here are some of the topics
a button to press that says "Do Over"

2022: The Great Do-Over Year?

by Jamie Brazil Here we are again, the cusp of a new year and with the flip of a calendar page many of us are filled with the possibilities of achievement in the grand space of the 365 days ahead. I am. Again. Most years the magic of possibility, of